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Our Community Needs Profile

In 2010, the North Jersey Affiliate began the bi-annual comprehensive Community Needs Profile to ensure grant funds are distributed to community-based programs providing the greatest impact.  This profile is now used to guide the local grant application and review process consistent with the Affiliate's mission and standards. 

Community Profile Objectives
The objectives of the Community Profile are to complete a statistical profile of breast cancer incidence and mortality, population demographics and behavioral breast health factors for the service area; to evaluate the range and effectiveness of available services for women with breast cancer, their families, friends and associates including programs involving the Affiliate; to evaluate community prevention and education needs for targeted populations; and, to formulate conclusions and recommendations for targeted initiatives as well as to position the organization for maximum effectiveness.

The completed 2011 Community Profile Report, identified the following priorities:

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  • Affiliate Priorities and Action Plan

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  • Breast Cancer Impact in Affiliate Service Area
  • Health Systems Analysis of Target Communities
  • Breast Cancer Perspectives in the Target Communities
  • Final Conclusions: What We Learned, What We Will Do
Priority I

Increase the capacity of breast cancer resources for those uninsured, underinsured and underserved, both through building capacity and by making information about resources more accessible.

 Priority II
Increase the education of women regarding the importance of mammography and breast self awareness
 Priority III To build upon the success of the work done through the 2009 Komen North Jersey Community Profile, specifically addressing the ongoing needs of the target communities of the Affiliate’s service area: Sussex, Hudson, Essex and Passaic Counties.  African American women continue to be the most at-risk population throughout the North Jersey service area and are identified as an additional target population.
Priority IV Komen North Jersey Affiliate Capacity Building
In addition to the priorities outlined, the Community Profile process has amplified the needs of the Affiliate to build volunteer capacity and organizational support capacity around several areas.

The North Jersey Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® offers grants for innovative projects in the areas of breast health, breast cancer screening,  education, treatment, support, and outreach projects targeting services not otherwise available to medically underserved women in our service area.  All grant recipients must be non-profit organizations.